Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Life in TLAs

I go to church at IBC. Bible translations which I have read in their entirety include JPS, KJV, and NIV.

I have two degrees from MIT. I have memberships with AAA, ACM, ADC, and NRA, and an Open Water Diver certification from SSI.

The airports I’ve visited the most are TPA, FLL, BOS, IAD, and DCA. I drive a 4WD 2006 FEH and usually get between 29 and 32 MPG.

I work for PTR at NRL, which is under ONR (part of DOD, of course). My computer is an LED-backlit MBP running OS X (pronounced “oh ess ten”, not “oh ess ex”; it’s the version after OS 9). I write software for its BSD layer and compile it with GCC. Other software I write against the JDK’s API, which I then compile with ANT and run in a JVM. Sometimes I run Scheme code with PLT or MIT/GNU. I have also worked on software to control robots from MHI and ASI.

I store files on AFS and money at BOA and ING. I communicate via AIM and my ATT cell phone. I spend far too much time browsing the WWW and reading RSS feeds. I listen to music in AAC format. I watch TV shows and movies on DVD. TNG and TOS are my favorite Star Treks. SG-1 is my favorite Stargate. TAS is my favorite Batman. My favorite comic book characters are the members of the JLA in the DCU.

I live in the USA.

I am JRH.